A new way to make content

From the bottom of Lake Assal in Djibouti to the top of Mount Everest, the Internet is the world's largest shopping mall, and things have been a little bit faster recently because of a pangolin in China.

With this new way of consuming, there are still many processes and ways of doing things that do not correspond to the new challenges of the demanding and connected consumer that we all are.

At Naker, we simply help brands to better showcase their products, because this is usually quite crucial in e-commerce.

Less logistics, more content.

Whether it's using 3D to replace photo and video, or even to offer interactive views of products on the web, brands and their agencies are using Naker to:

- reduce the logistics of content creation
- be more independent from production studios
- re-enchant their clients
(a nice way of saying increase sales, in short).

From a single 3D model (that we can build for you), create all the content you need in a single and simple creation experience. The Canva of 3D is finally here!

What they say about us

“I built BabylonJS a few years ago believing that 3D on the web would be the next big thing. Tools such as Naker is the logical no-code extent, and it will help democratizing the interactive web.”

David Catuhe, Microsoft Lead 3D

“I'm a fan of what you're doing, it's both very cool and original in terms of the concept of interactivity, and extremely easy to set up and implement.”

Thibault Brillet, Moon Moon CEO

“Man. This is fucking genius. How the f*** have i not seen this before. I'm a visual designer. I would like to bring to my clients a nice solution to show 3D renders on their webpages... and... I'm in love with Naker...”

ninjanillerxx, Anonymous member

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