A New Naker

by Jen

That’s it! After several months of hard work by the whole team, we are introducing our new vision. We are going beyond the 3D real-time and are now focusing on helping the e-Commerce brands to industrialize their product content creation thanks to 3D.

That’s it! After several months of hard work by the whole team, we are introducing our new vision. We are going beyond the 3D real-time and are now focusing on helping the e-Commerce brands to industrialize their product content creation thanks to 3D.

To accompany this new step, we changed our colours, our font and look & feel. We are delighted to share with you our new vision and offer. Naker, your key partner to pimp your e-Commerce!

2020: the year of e-Commerce

The health crisis has brought brands to focus more on their online sales and to invest at a much higher level in their digital presence. It has been crucial to define a strong omnichannel  strategy, combining digital and physical sales, but also to adapt to the new consumer behavior and needs. An omnichannel strategy to deliver a consistent brand experience through different channels in order to build a personal relationship with the shoppers at any touchpoint. A consumer behavior highly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic situation where every interaction may be an opportunity to create brand awareness.

It means that retailers need to review the customer profile and hence, rethink their product and main communication channels (sales, marketing and advertising) to succeed at creating this new dynamic and coherent customer journey.

In addition, a diversified communication channel also means that brands must be able to massively publish specific product content for each channel and thus, optimize this content creation to be more effective at developing their omnichannel strategy.

3D at the heart of your brand digital content strategy

Therefore, at Naker, we’ve been rethinking how 3D could be profitable in that way and become a real key partner for retailers in optimizing product content creation. We always believed in three main advantages of 3D:

3D to foresee your marketing and sales

With the pandemic situation, it has been sometimes difficult to organize the logistics of some photo or video shoots. 3D allowing to reduce some logistics costs but also to create product content and start the marketing campaign before the product is manufactured.


3D for more autonomy

We are convinced that 3D should become more accessible for non-technical people with no-3D expertise. Retailers usually experience a lot of back-and-forth with their studio and/or agency to develop product content.By enabling marketers and/or e-Commerce managers to easily handle 3D to export the product visuals, Naker offers autonomy and flexibility and hence, enables to rapidly produce unlimited brand content.


3D = massive content

Many of our clients sell products involving different variations (in colors and textures). Usually, it takes weeks and months to deliver some product visuals including those changes. With 3D, it’s easy as pie to create a variety of product content. It only requires few clicks!

What is Naker today?

At Naker, we provide a tool enabling to create multiple types of product visuals with 3D. We list few of them here but more exports are coming.

1. Packshots: Virtual Photoshoot

As previously mentioned, today, traditional photoshoot can take some time to organize, at least 3 photoshoots per year are needed and it has a huge cost. With Naker,  export unlimited product visuals in JPEG or PNG format with or without background thanks to 3D. Choose the set up (lighting and angles), the resolution (2 to 8K) and format, that's it! Get the absolute freedom to create unlimited lighting and color variations to better show your products and increase your sales!

2. Lifestyle: Your product in context

It's important to enrich your product visuals by putting some context around your product to engage and help your customer to imagine the product in his own daily life, but also, to state your brand universe and reflect your values and positioning. Build your e-Commerce and social experience with artistic lifestyle images from thousand of templates within Naker.

3. Interactive: Virtual 3D visualization & configuration

The 3D visualisation enables your customer to manipulate your product and analyze it in details. In addition, enrich your interactive experience with some animations (follow mouse, drag'n drop, click, ...) or even imagine your own 3D configurator to reassure your customer in his buying experience. Reduce the gap between physical sales and online shopping experience, and boost your e-Commerce performance by expecting up to 30% more conversion and 20% less product return.

The rebranding is only the beginning and you can expect more in the near future. If you also plan to put 3D at the heart of your content strategy, contact us and share your projects and needs with us!

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