All I want for Christmas is an interactive background!

by Jen

Christmas time is coming soon! ✨And there are many things coming with this holiday season: winter landscapes, gingerbread, reindeers, Christmas lights, New Year’s Eve, …

Don’t we all want to wish “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to our customers and visitors through our website in a creative way? It allows to stand out from the crowd, increase your customers’ engagement and create an emotional connection with them and on top of that, it enables to bring new traffic on your website.

But you don’t feel you have the skills for? or the time to think about it? Let’s discover how you can build an interactive Christmas background in few clicks with Naker.Back.

What is Naker.Back?

Naker.Back is a webapp and enables to create interactive backgrounds for free. It can be integrated in any website, even if you’re using a CMS (Wordpress, Unbounce, Webflow, …etc).

First, what does it look like? 🤓

Before spending few minutes in building your interactive background, watch those few examples to get some inspiration.

Play directly with the interactive examples in the slideshow

Alright! I have 5 minutes, show me how to do!

Go to Naker.Back and follow those 3 short steps:

  1. Choose your background’ colors: you can either use one color or two and play with the gradients or remove the colors’ opacity if you want to keep your website’s background.
  2. Pick your flake, any other particle in our icons’ library or upload yours.
Check how easy it is to set up your background and change the particle.

3. Export the script and embed it in the right section of your website. Don’t hesitate to check our Helpcenter article to follow the adequate steps or ping us in the app if you encounter any difficulties 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Feel free to share with us your interactive background, we are always curious to watch the results. And don’t hesitate to provide some suggestions for improvement here.

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