Cool Website: Apple iPhone Xs & Xr

by Jack

After focusing on Sobieski, Wed’ze and Dell Gaming, today we will focus on the landing pages Apple made for the brand new iPhones announced this week!

After focusing on Sobieski, Wed’ze and Dell Gaming, today we will focus on the landing pages Apple made for the brand new iPhones announced this week!

The Brand:

Apple is surely one of the most well known tech companies of the world. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and one the unluckiest business man ever, Ronald Wayne (he sold his 10% Apple share 12 days after the creation, and sold the original agreement 500$ in 1990, which was later sold for 1.5 million).

Apple is obviously a different company. Admired for its many great success (Macintosh, iPod, iPhone) and it’s charismatic ex-CEO Steve Jobs, also creator of NeXt & Pixar. I can recommend you to take 15 minutes to watch his speech at Stanford in 2005.

Even if the iPhone was not the first multi-touchscreen phone, it was seen as a revolution when released in 2007. A lot of generations of more and less innovative generation succeeded until this week, with the last Keynote and the presentation of the 3 new iPhones (Xs, Xs max and Xr). But today we are not going to focus on the phone itself but on the landing page presenting them.

The website:

When it comes to communication and design, Apple is surely one of the most impressive company. For every new product, a real storytelling is used both in the content and the style. Animations have always been used by Apple to create immersive experiences when discovering their products. We can notice that the 3D effect are following the scroll of the page, which is one of the animation natively available on the 3D web design tool Naker

It’s a bit of a revolution this year with the use of the WebGL technology to create even cooler effects and slight 3D effects. Created in 2011, WebGL allows to render interactive 2D and 3D without any plugin in any web browser.

Used on all the iPhones landing pages, the smart use of this technology is a new proof that WebGL is the present and the future of cool websites. One example we have in mind (that could be also a #CWW) is this excellent platform to compare the different smartphones on 3D.

What’s next?

We can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for the next landing pages created by Apple and many other companies. As this technology offers almost unlimited capabilities, we want to imagine even more interactive landing pages with the possibility to discover a 3D modelization of the product to be able to watch it from every angle.

If you want to create your own Apple landing page and imagine what could be an even more interactive and immersive presentation of the new iPhones, register to our free beta! The best submission will be rewarded :)

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