Cool Website: Apple X Experience

by Jack

We already focused on Apple before for the landing page of the new iPhones 📱 It was one of the first WebGL experience launched by one of the most well-known tech company in the world.

The Brand:

If you didn’t read it already, you can discover our last article for Apple here 🔖

The website:

Apple Experience iPhone (only for mobile)

Anybody who tried some 3D design on the Web knows that one of the main challenges is the responsiveness and the compatibility with mobile devices 😓The first estimations of an internal study we are conducting on 3D websites show that only 31% of 3D websites are mobile-ready, 33% use a 2D version of the site when experienced on mobile while the rest simply refuse to load on mobile!

If you read our last article on Apple, you remember that we would have added a 3D visualization 👀of the phones to go further into the 3D experiences… Bingo!

This experience allows anyone to compare the different models of iPhone concerning size and colors. Indeed, they released colorful models, which is quite unusual for the company (except for the iPhone 5c, but it’s been a while!)

The scene is minimalistic, with a dark background and a floating 3d model of the chosen iPhone 📱 A simple selector allows you to change the color you want to feel. The originality comes from the 3D model rotation that follows the gyroscopic movement of your phone ↪️

Let’s be honest, it’s not a revolution 😂 and they could go way further towards immersion and interactivity, these are some suggestions picked from Reddit:

  • 👨‍💼 Use Augmented Reality to let us see the phones on our desk
  • 🤩 Let us rotate the devices on many more axis to feel more the model, also the gyroscopic movement is smart but not intuitive
  • 😕 Why then block it on a desktop?

Once again, to have more immersive experience with the vast majority of phones available on the market, we do recommend Hotspot 3D 👌

What do you think of this kind of experience from Apple? Let us know in the comments section!
Also, try to build your own 3D experiences only in drag and drop by registering to our beta

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