Cool Website: Infinitown

by Jack

Today, let’s focus more on an experience directly created by and for an agency: the Infinitown by Guillaume Lecollinet from Little Workshop!

The creator:

Little Workshop is a digital studio based in Paris. It was founded in 2010 by two brothers who love to mix art and code to build 🏗️ unique experiences.

Over the years, they have received multiple awards 🏆 and collaborated with big companies such as Renault (for an enjoyable 3D experience to visualize one of their car or a VR experience) or smaller companies such as Uphold, a crypto company.

The website (click here):

I always loved to play city management video games such as Sim City or Cities: Skyline, and I had only one dream: create the perfect infinite city 🏙 My crazy mayor dream has come true today with the Infinitown!

The wow effect is indeed here when you arrive on the experience: a short animation on the camera gives you this immersive feeling of arriving on the top of the city from an isometric point of view. You’re in front of a low-poly animated city made of blocks surrounded by streets full of cars and trucks. You can see some clouds waving around, clouds that look like the ones from our current landing page!

The primary objective of this experience was to create a procedural city that feels alive and is fun to watch. As the name of this experience let us know, the experience is infinite and you can drag the map as much as you want. This prowess is thanks to a smart trick explained in the details:

generating a finite grid of random city blocks then wraps the viewpoint around this grid, which creates the illusion of an endless cityscape.

We like this experience because it’s pretty simple and give an immersive feeling that there is life in this city. The simplicity of the low poly model makes this experience accessible on any device, and even responsive.

Try to create your 3D experience with low-poly models from Google Poly by subscribing to our beta here !

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