Cool Website: Kinder and l’Oeuf Kicétou

by Jack

After focusing on Sobieski, Wed’ze, Dell Gaming Apple and Mercedes, today we will all become big kids with Kinder and l’Oeuf Kicétou (The Egg that knows all in French)

After focusing on Sobieski, Wed’ze, Dell Gaming Apple and Mercedes, today we will all become big kids with Kinder and l’Oeuf Kicétou (The Egg that knows all in French)

The Brand:

Kinder was started in Germany in 1967, with the classic Kinder Schokolade. The brand was created by the Italian company Ferrero to integrate the German Market, especially for youngsters (Kinder means child in German).

In 1968, Michele Ferrero in Italy raised the idea with his employees of a product that could be given to children so they could have a little “surprise” every day, based on the Italian tradition of large chocolate eggs given to children by their parents at Easter. The idea was first abandoned, as they thought it would not be profitable, since eggs are only for Easter. Ferrero also said that he wanted the product to have a higher milk content and make that a key part of its promotion; he felt that mothers would respond well to the idea of giving their children more milk. The product was finally launched in 1974.

Today, more than 30 billions of Kinder Surprise have been sold. And the craziness about this candy is far from vanish!

The website:

L’Oeuf Kicétou describe itself as a video-learning platform for children. It was made with childhood experts to help parents providing tailored answers to kids natural curiosity.

The homepage is quite simple with a naïve design and pinkish colors. The most famous chocolate egg of the world is in the middle-right of the scene, in 3D and animated. The 3D environment is quite discrete, it’s only when you move your mouse that you can feel the camera moving a bit and give this immersion. Camera movement is one of the next feature that will be released in Naker beta, by the way ;)

My very slow internet connection created a bug when I loaded the website for the first time. Some textures were missing and I had the opportunity to do some retro-engineering. In the picture you can clearly see that there is no proper ground but several planes for each asset that can move around. The reason is simple: the egg is surrounded by 2D little elements that avoid your mouse wen you try to hover them.

When you start the experience, you arrive on a similar scene with the egg more centered, some text on the left side and a wheel on the right side. This wheel let the kid go through the many different topics : feelings, travelling, nature, space, fears, life, weather, animals and the body.

It’s very interactive! Each topic will guide the young web adventurer on many different questions with, for each, a small video about it with simple and clear explanation. Overall, the different topics are quite well presented but as I’m a bit too old to be in the direct target of the website, it’s difficult for me to properly judge of the quality of this part. If you’re a French speaker, you can give it a try!

The Agency:

  • BETC digital is a Paris based marketing and technology agency, blending strategic, creative and technical expertise to create beautiful services for brands.

We like this experience because it’s again a quite simple way to use 3D webdesign and WebGL. The challenge to create a naïve video learning platform was big, and forced both the agency and the brand to deliver a simple but efficient experience. The interactivity is simple enough to let a very young kid to navigate alone on the website, but is also immersive enough to remind me some Adiboo mini-games that we used to win in Kellog’s cereal bow when I was young!

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