Cool Website: Magic Leap

by Jack

After focusing on Sobieski, Wed’ze, Dell Gaming Apple, Mercedes and Kinder, we will focus today on one of the most impressive actors of the Mixed Reality environment, Magic Leap and it’s L.E.A.P. keynote!

The Brand:

Magic Leap is an American startup specialized in Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality created in 2010 by Rony Abovitz. They raised more than 2 billion with investors like Google, Alibaba or Qualcomm.

In its first life, the company was an animation studio working on a comic and some movies. In 2011, they release their first AR app, Hour Blue.

After the excitement generated by the app, they decided to focus on an innovative headset based on AR and decided to hire the Pr Eric Seibel to develop an inverted endoscope to project images directly into one’s eye. After years of development, fundraise and waiting, they finally announced the Magic Leap One for 2018!

Everybody knows Apple annual keynotes in September? Good, then L.E.A.P. is the same for Magic Leap, with a lot of announcements, release and prestigious speakers. The main conference is today at 9 am PT (which is 17:00 London time or 18:00 Paris time) don’t forget to sign up here to watch it live!

The website:

Magic Leap could have been before in the #CWW, their previous landing page was immersive and trippy. They follow up their typical style with this landing, with two 3D scenes, some text content and their footer.

When arriving on the website, you are directly in the first 3D scene. It’s a simple but stylish environment with a gradient sky (typical stylish colors from Magic Leap universe) and an animated colossal sun in the horizon with some whitish shapes with low opacity to create the clouds.

The ground is a flat design purple plane (and not a purple rain, my prince) with a subtle texture that reinforces the immersion and the movement.

In the center, a slightly animated 3D model of an astronaut is flying endlessly towards the sun. Above him, you have a 3D text with the name of the conference. Some others 3D models of palm trees and cactus on both sides appear to also give the movement and the perspective that gives this 3D scene the wow effect!

The last details are the shades, all the lights effects and the slight moves of the camera when the mouse move. All of these components are already usable in Naker’s beta :D

The second 3D scene appears after a few scrolls down. It’s a part of a simple massive cube with an animated glowing material that also refers to an endless movement.


We love this landing page! With simple animated effects, they succeed to create a feeling of real immersion, with their very typical colorful ambient. According to us, the scene could be even more interactive, what do you think?

So don’t forget to sign-up for the L.E.A.P. conference today and for Naker’s beta here to make the web cool again!

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