Cool Website: The Dime Trap

by Jack

Last week, as T.I.’s 10th studio album was released, listeners get an unfiltered look backstage with an interactive 3D website, 🎙️

Last week, as T.I.’s 10th studio album was released, listeners get an unfiltered look backstage with an interactive 3D website, 🎙️

Our mission is to allow our users to create immersive and interactive 3D / VR experiences easily with our platform Naker. We do believe that 3D is the future of the internet 🔮 as mentioned in our last blog post. Every week, many new 3D websites and VR experiences prove us right.

The context:

T.I. should feel like a dinosaur 🦕 in the current rap scene. The music evolved well since his first album, I’m Serious, released in 2001, and this is mainly due to him (with Paper Trail in particular). Indeed, T.I. is one of the pioneers of the trap and today he claims his heritage 👑

His new album, Dime Trap, was unveiled on Friday, October 5. That is a week after Lil Wayne’s as if the legends of US rap had decided to return to the rap-game simultaneously. The least we can say is that this record was expected. The last project of the rapper Us or Else: Letter to the System (an EP) being quite anecdotal, it is necessary to go back to 2014 (already…) to find a trace of Paperwork, his last album 💿

To sustain this new album, T.I. decided to try something new and came with an interactive 3D experience as a landing page. Leaflets are an essential part of the vinyl and album on the market, 3D interactive experiences could be the new big thing! Make the storytelling cool again?

The website (click here):

We already focused on 3D websites using gamification such as Sobieski or Dell, we also focused on immersion with Skyfirst but today we going to focus on one particular aspect of 3D websites that I personally just love: storytelling 📚 Unsurprisingly, this interactive experience uses more than 3 dimensions: sound is at its core. You will start the journey by hearing T.I. talking about his art and his album.

This interactive story (as it is written) may seem simple at first sight: on a completely black environment, you will find a floating 3D model that made me think about an icon engraved in wood. The 3D model is precisely the one on the album cover. The sculpture is full of detailed scenes that would only want to tell stories.

You have to “drag to explore”: the user can move the camera around the 3D artwork but only around X and Y📈 You are invited by navigating around the front of the artwork to discover several scenes (each of them is highlighted when hovered on). To enter each scene, you have to click and to hold, which can emphasize the interactive part of the experience.

What I enjoyed the most on this experience was the hard work made on the lights, when freely navigating but also when focusing on a particular scene. The fact to build a journey around a 3D scene is also one of my favorite use of 3D. I hope you will enjoy the scenes as much as I did!

The creator:

  • Superhero Cheesecake is an award-winning digital production studio from Amsterdam, in the business of building unforgettable interactive experiences, one of the most active internationally in the 3D / interactive web
  • The Art Director is the French Antoine Pelgrand Kostadinoff backed up by the creative developer Mathijs Peerboom from the Netherlands.

I hope this experience will inspire you! Do not create just websites, create experiences and engagement. You can create your 3D / VR environment, play with the cameras, the lights and 3D models and publish it online in one click with our new release. Discover it, log in or sign up!

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