Naker 101: Get to know us

by Pich

Naker has created a 3D web design tool to allow anyone to make room for their creativity to create interactive and immersive digital experiences like never before and share it anywhere on the internet for computers and mobiles!

The interface is cool

First of all, the Naker editor can be described as a WYSIWYG, the famous What You See Is What You Get. When you are in the middle of a creation, what you see on the editor will correspond exactly to the experience you will be able to share. The Naker team has done everything possible to make the creation of these digital experiences as simple as possible without having to touch a single line of code (Because yes, behind it is indeed code that will be generated).

As we want the tool to be as intuitive as possible, we have logically set up a drag and drop system to place, orient, size, etc. all the assets that you will manipulate from the editor. The goal is that you will be able to find all the basic reflexes that most photo or presentation editors offer while giving you the opportunity to work in a three-dimensional space.

Then, as in all editors, your action history is saved so that you can undo your last manipulation due to an unfortunate click because your cat jumped on the desk. Again. In addition, in order to be even more precise, the zoom allows you to see every detail.

The assets are cool

Usually, to create a website you need some text (title, paragraph, etc.) and content such as images and videos to support your comments. With Naker you will be able to go much further! Entering into the third dimension implies that only your creativity is the limit. Thus, we can add 3D shapes like cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. and even particle effects. Even better, it is possible to integrate any 3D model that follows the classic gltf or obj standards. Free APIs with banks such as Google Poly is also part of the tool. Of course you can arrange these elements in the space as you wish and define all the properties as the material that applies to 3D elements for example.

The interactions are cool

To create interactions you have to give movement to your elements, that’s why we have put the focus on animations. Absolutely all the elements created on the Naker editor can be animated according to different geometric and visual parameters. Thus the possibilities are almost infinite in terms of animation and you will be able to bring to life the elements of your experience to make your visitors even more amazed.

In order to test these interactions and your new experience in general, you have access to the “preview” that shows you exactly how your experience will be rendered once online. And since you’re on the hook, you’re wondering why have a preview if I’m on a WYSIWYG? Well the answer is simple, the preview simply goes even further by giving you the opportunity to test your experience on computer, mobile and soon VR.

It’s just the beggining

This is the first of many upcoming articles on the use of the Naker editor and its new features. Come follow us on twitter to be informed of our latest developments. And don’t hesitate to give us feedback on the tool via

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