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Create and embed quickly an interactive background to draw more attention to your website and make your visitors stays 25% longer on your page. 

No compromise on loading time and performance and always free!

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Works perfectly with your favorite CMS
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How it works

A no-code interface to build visually animated and interactive backgrounds for any website to add depth and make your pages memorable.

Do simply what required highly technical skills before!

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Step 1

Define on your website CMS or code a div or section where you want to embed an interactive background

Step 2

Go to Naker.Back and set colors, particles and interactivity settings for your background

Step 3

Copy and paste the script in the dedicated div or section on your favorite CMS

Step 4

Enjoy your free interactive background and see the impact on your traffic!

A simple app for incredible results

Boost the performance of your website just by adding an interactive background. Increase time spent by 25% on a page, reduce the bounce rate by 35% and make people come back 40% more!

Create yours for free

No compromise on performance

Less than an image to load (300 ko) and absolutely no impact on your loading speed thanks to our advance multithreading technology.

Create yours for free

We always wanted to have a wow effect on our website, and as an agency it's important for us. Naker.Back is simple to use and simple to embed, we use it for us and our customers

Dimitri Lukaz

CMO of Team1 Digital

We are a weather-forecast startup, having a cool website is not so common in our area. Thanks to Naker.Back, it rains on our website !

Ruben Hallali


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We help brands and agencies to put more 3D in their daily process. From product creation to virtual photography and eCommerce experiences.