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3D Configuration of a Rocking Chair in 360° video
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Rocking chair


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Schema representing the 3 steps of 3D assets Management : Prepare, Collaborate & VisualizeSchema representing the 3 steps of 3D assets Management : Prepare, Collaborate & Visualize

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Elevate efficiency with Naker's automation, simplifying the tedious tasks of capturing packshots and preparing assets.

Launch confidently and manage visuals effortlessly for ongoing success.

Revolutionize your approach with Naker – where automation meets 3D innovation, transforming your furniture e-retail experience.

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Say goodbye to complexity. Our platform simplifies the process of bringing furniture products online. Reuse your existing plans and CAD models to effortlessly generate stunning product visuals and experiences, 10 times faster than ever!

Unlock the potential of cost savings. Gain access to an affordable solution that eliminates the need for expensive agencies. Cut down on production costs while maintaining high-quality 3D visuals for your furniture, up to 4 times cheaper!

Captivate your audience and turn visitors into customers. Enhance your overall shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates. Elevate your online furniture retail game and stay ahead of the competition. up to 30% increase!

Stand out in the crowded furniture market. From 360-degree product viewers to Augmented Reality (AR) integration and customizable product configurations, we offer a versatile range of experiences that engage your customers like never before.

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We help brands and agencies to put more 3D in their daily process. From product creation to virtual photography and eCommerce experiences.