The best 3D rendering solution for eCommerce

Manage your virtual shooting studio without the logistics and cost of a real one with no compromise on realism & quality. 

A photorealistic 3D product presentation of a black and green luxury sneaker on a black background.
A photorealistic 3D render of a beige xbox controller
A bunch of different packaging with different designs on them.

All the visuals your brand needs

Generate crisp images and videos to show how beautiful your product is from every angle to enrich your eCommerce product pages. 

Packshot :  3D packshot of an Air Jordan 1
Lifestyle : 3D rendered couch in a living room
360° video : High quality 360° video of a wooden chair
Packaging : 3D rendered packagings of Maybelline lipsticks

packshot creation cost


faster visual creation

Virtual studio, real photos

Naker is a virtual photo studio designed to generate packshots at scale with a complete control on the scene.

Reproduce your products variations and use them to create the visual assets you need to show your products even before having them!

Our technologies at your service

We built our technology to help you show all your product variations with a minimum of time thanks to our Variation Management System. 

Our Raytracing rendering engine gives crisp details for the most photorealistic experience

Our open APIs facilitate a seamless integration to any of your information system and tools. 

A before/after image of a 3D rendered dresser with photorealistic textures.
Light configuration on a couch 3D model


Step 1

Upload your nude 3D model of your products on the Naker platform. (If you don’t have a CAD / 3D version of your products, don’t worry, we can create some for you).

A couch with jungle themed texture fabric
Linen textureJungle textureGreen leather texture


Step 2

Set your products variations with your own texture library by associating each product part with different materials.

Screenshot of the naker web app showing shadows and viewpoint settings.


Step 3

Set your lightings, shadow and simply choose the different angles required.

Save your settings on our scenario gestion interface. You can use your scenarios on all your product to scale your visuals production

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360° video of the green leather couch.
A close-up of the green couch with a photorealistic texture / fabric
Four packshots of the couch with different variations of colors and textures


Step 4

Generate high-volume photorealistic visuals with our state of the art Ray-tracing rendering solution in all the format and resolution you need. 

Download it or send the automatically to your DAM / PIM or eCommerce CMS.

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Go fast with workflows

Choose your rendering options (lighting, POV, resolution, format, etc.) and save them as workflows. Do once the job and automate it easily to your catalogue of products ! With Naker workflows, stop manual work and enjoy the power or automation to multiply your productivity!

10x faster rendering time

Go big with us

No matter how much products you have in your catalogue, upload it to our solution and apply workflows for all of them, using the level of detail you want. Our solution will adapt to the widest catalogue with product and material variations

Discover our Automation Solution

Go custom for you

We do believe that the best solutions are nothing without a specific approach for each of our customers needs and process. Our solution will always adapt to fit into your current organization and IT system, never the opposite. 

They alrealdy use Naker.Visuals

The socialite Family logo.Withings logo.Tefal logo.Venum logo.
you can create infinite content with Naker

Infinite content with a few clicks

Naker is a digital photography studio created for content creators with no previous 3D experience. You will have the freedom to create your own content when you need it.

low volume

unlimited variations & low-quality renders

up to 3 users and 3 projects

100 high-quality 4K packshots

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high volume

unlimited variations & low-quality renders

1000 high-quality 4K packshots

unlimited users

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what else we do at Naker? 

We help brands and agencies to put more 3D in their daily process. From product creation to virtual photography and eCommerce experiences.