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What is Naker for?
Naker is a web app allowing you to create marketing and eCommerce assets from 3D models, easily. Without particular 3D skills needed, you will be able to generate photorealistic visuals (packshots) as well as an interactive product viewer / configurator.
Do I need 3D models to use Naker?
3D models are required to make the Naker magic works! If you already have 3D or CAD assets, that's perfect, but if you don't, we can create them for you! We have developed one of the best network of 3D freelancers and studio that will match your needs
Who can use Naker?
Naker is a simple app to create simple things. It was created and designed by non-3D people to non-3D people. Basically, if you understand how Canva works, you'll be able to master Naker. And if needed, our team will onboard and help you!
How does the pricing work?
The pricing is different for generating packshots and for the eCommerce viewer. 
For packshots, the monthly fee is simply based on how much packshots you need to generate (e.g. 100 packshots/m = 300€/m)
For the 3D / AR viewer, the monthly fee is a cost-per-view of the embedded viewers online (e.g. 10 000 views/m = 100€/m)
How to start?
If you are still reading, you probably want to know more and try. 
We always start with a 30min introduction call in 🇫🇷 / 🇬🇧 to better understand your specific needs before showing you a demo. 
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