6 cool ways to make visitors stay longer on your website 😎

6 cool ways to make visitors stay longer on your website  😎

Websites are now the n°1 communication channel for you. Just like a physical place, it might be a good idea to make your visitors stay longer on your website.

6 cool ways to make visitors stay longer on your website  😎
Nicolas Jacques
Operations Director

If you’re like 90% of the business in the world, you have a website. Showcase and sell your products, present your customer stories, share some content and make your audience dream… We will show you today 6 answers (3 classics 🏛 ️and 3 innovative 👾) to the following question: How to make visitors stay longer on your website?

A) Classic ways to master

Before anything else, there are simple things to do and to do well. Arriving on a website, a visitor will have only a few seconds to decide if he likes what he sees or not.

Be visual, be catchy 🚨

What might be evident for you and your team is usually not for your visitors and one mistake is to be too technical or to precise in the very first information you give on your website. Simply explain in a catchy sentence what you do and your added value, then combine it to a visual and link it to what you do. Your old auntie or younger brother should be able to understand without explanation what is it about!

No pop-ups for God’s sake! 💢

Thanks to a catchy first glance, you managed to catch the attention of your visitors, congratulations! Let’s now focus on what happens next. Everybody hates pop-ups, there are intrusive, redundant and looks like suspicious. Thinking that your particular pop-up will be different is a mistake. If you combine your cookie agreement, your newsletter pop-up, the intercom message… You will only manage to make everyone leave just to get a bit more emails. Don’t do to your visitors what you wouldn’t accept for yourself!

The right CTA (Call to action) at the right place 🔘

Your homepage or your landing page is a welcome, the first step for your visitor in the journey you created for him. To convert your visitor into a prospect, the way(s) should be appealing and evident. A website should not be designed as a static list of pages but more like a dynamic journey that onboard your visitor into your business. I would highly recommend you to read this awesome medium post on 6 best practices to design and place your ‘call to action’ by Meiling Wu on The Startup.

B) Innovative ways to try

The good thing about the basics is that they are generally evident and easy to implement. The problem is that going only for the basics is sometimes not enough to make a real difference and make your website stand out. Here are 3 examples for you to experience.

Go for an interactive background 🎊

“While earlier websites did not really have a significant background because the content itself was considered to be the most important element of a site, this has changed in times of minimalist design. The background has become prominent.” Rebecca Vogels in this article

Let’s start with what is behind your content. It’s a super important element for the global feel of your website. Unfortunately, backgrounds are often confined to flat colors or gradients and background videos have been super trendy for the last years. But it’s now possible for free to create interactive backgrounds with a simple editor: Naker.back. The background created will not affect the loading time of your website. Try it out here and see by yourself how much your visitors will stay longer on your website!

Check this short presentation video:

Free interactive backgrounds for your website, easy as a pie!

Embed 3D content for a wow effect 🤩

I compared earlier the content to the organs of your website. Text would be the brain, images and videos, the eyes and these 3 rule the web without sharing, a bit like blue jeans are the trousers kings. Keeping your visitors on your website is a matter of experience and 3D interactive content is 2019 best way to create a wow effect to your visitor. It could be just displaying a 3D model (with Sketchfab or Numerized), or going for a richer storytelling experience on Unity or Naker. Discover why we think 3D is the future of the web here!

Make your visitors play 🎮

Time is relative, you don’t need to be Einstein to experience it. I get trapped in time rifts when I play Fifa on some weekends, and it’s something we all experienced! To play is something powerful and natural, coming from very basic animal instincts. Using some game mechanism to keep your visitors on your website is a smart move, but usually requires to create a complete gamification experience and a budget. With creativity, you can put some simple gamification tricks to your website: here is a quite complete How to on the blog of Quicksprout.

The web is changing, and so do your website.

We need to think about it with more interactiveness, more people-oriented and more creativity. The vision behind Naker.io is to make the web cool again, if you share our vision, contact us!

We ❤ you.